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Riolu Portrait
Type Fighting 
Ability Inner Focus, Steadfast 
Category Emanation Pokémon 
Size Star 
Blue Icon Red Icon
Location: Not Available
Recruit Rate: Not Available
Friend Area: Not Available
Time Icon Darkness Icon
Location: Unknown
Recruit Rate: Unknown
IQ Group: Unknown
Sky Icon
Location: Unknown
Recruit Rate: Unknown
IQ Group: Unknown
Infinity Icon
Location: Unknown
Recruit Rate: Unknown

Riolu is a Fighting-type Pokémon. It evolves into Lucario when holding a Sun Ribbon with an IQ of 2. Riolu is available as a starter and partner Pokémon in PMD 3.


Riolu Lucario
Riolu Lucario
Baby 2 IQ, Sun Ribbon


Mystery Dungeon 2 & 3

Learned Moves  TM/HM Moves
Level Move Type
1 Quick Attack Normal
1 Detect Fighting
1 Foresight Normal
6 Counter Fighting
11 Force Palm Fighting
15 Feint Fighting
19 Reversal Fighting
24 Screech Normal
29 Copycat Normal
TM/HM Type
Iron Tail Steel
Dig Ground
Rain Dance Water
Swagger Normal
Rock Smash Fighting
Rock Slide Rock
Return Normal
Strength Normal
Double Team Normal
Facade Normal
Brick Break Fighting
Rock Tomb Rock
Focus Punch Fighting
Endure Normal
Earthquake Ground
Swords Dance Normal
Toxic Poison
Sunny Day Fire
Sleep Talk Normal
Rest Normal
Secret Power Normal
Bulk Up Fighting
Roar Normal
Protect Normal
Substitute Normal
Hidden Power Normal
Attract Normal
Frustration Normal
Wide Slash Unknown
Vacuum-Cut Unknown
Focus Blast Fighting
Natural Gift Normal
Payback Dark
Shadow Claw Ghost
Poison Jab Poison
Drain Punch Fighting
Fling Dark
Captivate Normal
Egg Moves
Move Type
Crunch Dark
Bite Dark
Cross Chop Fighting
Low Kick Fighting
Agility Psychic
Mind Reader Normal
Sky Uppercut Fighting
Iron Defense Steel
Hi Jump Kick Fighting
Blaze Kick Fire
Detect Fighting
Vacuum Wave Fighting
Bullet Punch Steel

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